Delightful Things to Do in Prague in December  

Are you planning a trip to Prague in December and you have no idea what’s best to do in the city on this month? If so, then you are in the right place because you will find in this article some useful ideas regarding what to do in this place at the end of the year, in order to enjoy to the fullest your stay.


You Must Not Miss the Christmas Markets

There are plenty of Christmas markets in Prague and all of them extremely sparkly and magical. An excellent advantage to the Prague Christmas Markets is that they actually continue in January, into advent season. The Old Town Square market is right in the center of the city and it is the most popular one of all. The Wenceslas Square is a lot smaller than the Old Town, but still very beautiful and charming. You should also visit the Peace Square market and the Christmas Market at Prague Castle. Once you arrive here prepare to get mulled wine-drunk at these amazing markets. Just make sure you wear very warm clothes and boots as the temperatures in Prague in December are very low.

Celebrate Christmas Traditions in Prague

If you decide to visit Prague in December then we recommend you to kick off the lovely Christmas season on St. Nicholas Eve. In the city’s Old Town Square, Mikulas, and his sidekicks, a devil and an angel, will prowl the visitors candy and treats, and the whole atmosphere is indeed magical.

Warm Up with a Delicious Czech Beer

In case you didn’t know, the Czech Republic is famous all over the world for beer. Therefore, what better way you have to warm up from the cold outside than with a pint of traditional beer? If you want to can head to the Czech Beer Museum, where you can sample and bottle your own beer. There are also some amazing pubs in Prague. We recommend you the Beer Geek Bar that offers 32 taps, including international and Czech brews, and the Beer Geek Pivoteka, where you will find the largest collection of bottled beers in the entire city.

Try Ice Skating in Prague’s Old Town

Ice Skating is without a doubt very fun and you must try it in Prague. Therefore, in order to get your skate on you should head to the fairytale Fruit Market located in Old Town. The ice rink here is free, but you will have to pay to rent ice skates. Other places where you can go ice skating are Fruit Market, Galerie Harfa Shopping Centre, Nove Sady, and Za Luzankami Stadium. In case you are on vacation with your children then you should better take them to a smaller ice-rink such as the one situated next to the Kravi hora indoor & outdoor swimming pools, or at Nice Arena, which is an open-air facility very close to the Olympia Shopping Center.


We guarantee that all the above places and activities will offer you an incredibly beautiful and fun vacation no matter f you are travelling with your friends or with the whole family. Therefore, if you choose to visit Prague in December, then you will certainly have plenty of lovely things to do and see.

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