Interesting Facts About the Czech Republic

When it comes to the Czech Republic there are many people who have no idea how beautiful this country actually is. We will show you in this article some interesting facts about this place which will surely convince you to plan a trip here in the shortest time possible.


Here Are Some of the Most Medieval Originals in Europe

Prague is without a doubt the only major city in Europe that has not been extensively bombed in World War II. Due to this reason, you will have the chance to find several buildings in the historic center actually standing as originally built. Some of them date to the Middle Ages and they still look absolutely amazing.

This Country is Famous for its Excellent Beer

Statistics show that Czech are the ones who consume the most beer per capita in the entire world. Their most famous brew is Pilsner-style larger. You can try it in one of the many old alluring pubs. Not only this brand is excellent but many others as well, which we recommend you to try. You can either go to a pub or just buy some beers from the supermarkets and spend a relaxing night at home. If you are a traveler, then you should try the pub experience and see how the Czech nightlife is.

You Will Not See Anywhere Else so Many Castles Like Here

If you love visiting castles, then you definitely must go to the Czech Republic. This country has the highest castle-density worldwide. There are more than 2,000 castles, and most of them look absolutely stunning. Therefore, start planning your next holiday to this amazing place and you will certainly not regret the time spent here.

It Is Home to Robotic Origins

In case you didn’t know this detail, the world’s first robot actually hit the scene when Karl Capek, a Czech writer, used it in a play in order to describe creatures that could perform any type of human work. His brother suggested to use it for the famous title ” Rossum’s Universal Robots”.

Czech Love Mushrooms

Czech don’t just love mushrooms, they are truly mad about them. Furthermore, they love ”hunting” them. If the town is empty on St. Wenceslas Day, which is held at the end of September, it is certainly because locals went funghi picking in the forest. If you visit this country you will find in restaurants many dishes that contain mushrooms, and they surely taste absolutely lovely.

Being Bohemian is a Lifestyle Here

Being Bohemian in the Czech Republic is without a doubt their heritage. This area has been in the past the Kingdom of Bohemia, which in 1918 was transformed into the western part of the newly-formed country of Czechoslovakia. This has been split afterward, in 1993, into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If you take your time and get to know the history of this beautiful country you will surely be impressed by it. This is what we recommend you to do in case you plan to visit the Czech Republic in the near future.

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