Prague Travel Guide

Prague is a very beautiful city and a place where you can spend an amazing holiday whether you decide to travel with your friends or with the family. There is no doubt that there is something to do and see for everyone. By reading this Prague travel guide you will find a lot easier to organize your vacation, not to mention the fact that you will save precious time.


If you are looking for something different to do in Prague, then we strongly recommend you a river cruise. These cruises are for people of all ages, including children. You should choose a night tour so that you can also enjoy the stunning lights of the city. If you go to Prague just for a few days then you should go on the first day to the Old Town Square, Jewish Quarter, and Charles Bridge, on the second day to Prague Castle Area, and Lesser Town, and on the third day to visit some of the most amazing museums and do some shopping as well. Prague is an excellent walking city and you must not forget to bring comfortable shoes in order to hit the cobblestones. If you have more than three days, then the additional time will certainly allow you to head out of the metropolis and visit some of the other amazing places in the Czech Republic.


Another essential aspect is the accommodation which also needs to meet all your need if you want your vacation to be perfect. You can either book a hotel or an apartment. There are plenty of nice and welcoming hotels in Prague, and many of them are quite affordable. By doing some online research you will surely find what you need. On the other hand, if you travel with the entire family then it would be a better idea to rent an apartment. It would be much cheaper and extremely comfortable at the same time. As a tip, if you plan to travel alone to this beautiful city then you can make the most of your time spent here if you hire an escort from Prague. In Prague, you can find charming and smart escorts who, for a certain amount of money, can offer you not only sexual pleasure but they can also keep you company during your entire stay.


The transportation is also a very important aspect which you must not forget about. You can choose between metro, taxi, bus, and tram. Furthermore, in order to feel comfortable during your stay you have the option to rent a car. The renting prices are not very high and driving in Prague is also quite simple. The public transport is also very affordable so you don’t need to worry about this aspect either. All in all, you must know exactly what you want to do here and what places you want to visit so that you can choose the most convenient transport method for you. Don’t forget to plan everything ahead of time so that you can just relax once you arrive at the beautiful Prague.

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